Peter K Geoghegan



Peter Geoghegan's extensive experience in Structural & Civil Engineering Consulting (via past engagements) includes working with / for industry leading companies and iconic brands such as;


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Structural
  • University of Technology, Sydney (Year completed 1991)

  • Member of Engineers Australia

  • Member of Consult Australia

  • Membership with Concrete Institute of Australia

  • Membership with Australian Steel Institute (also committee member for ASSIG)

AWARDS (Industry & Personal)
(Via current and previous engagements)

  • 2015 Finalist of Hills Building & Design Awards for Pool / Spa
  • 2015 Finalist of Hills Building & Design Awards for Outdoor Living categories

  • 2009 Winner of World Architecture Festival in Barcelona for NSW Berry Recreation Hall
    (Architect: Allen Jack & Cottier Pty Ltd)

  • 2009 National Award for Public Architecture & Blacket Prize for NSW Berry Recreation Hall
    (Architect: Allen Jack & Cottier Pty Ltd)

  • 2009 Concrete Institute of Australia award for NSW Berry Recreation Hall
    (Engineer: ACOR Appleyard Consultants)

  • 2009 Winner of Master Builders of Australia award for Jindabyne Recreation Hall
    (Engineer: ACOR Appleyard Consultants)

  • 2005 Winner of Urban Design Institute of Australia award for Cabarita Development by Mirvac
    (Engineer: Appleyard Forrest Consultants)

  • 1990 Awarded student exchange University of Technology, Sydney and University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada

  • 1988  Finalist of Civil & Civic Innovation Award (Part of Lend Lease Group)


  • I have over 23 years of postgraduate experience within the construction/consulting industry. I have held senior management positions as Global Engineering Manager responsible for Australia, Asia and Middle East within a group listed top 200 ASX engineering company in Sydney.

  • Expertise includes: Business development, creating innovative solutions for clients, project design and management from conception to completion, product development, mentoring.

  • Preparation and co-ordination of complete design documentation and management for a variety of projects including: prestige domestic dwellings, multi-storey residential buildings, multiple project home buildings, sporting and public facilities, industrial and commercial buildings, steel and concrete bridges and related infrastructure.

  • Personally involved in numerous award winning projects both at the national and international level.

  • Excellent communication and inter personnel skills with a customer/client focus, throughout all levels of management of leading construction companies, authorities, and external consultants. Projects managed from concept stage through to construction handover while budget reporting and project delivery were maintained.



  • Experience in leading, managing and mentoring integrated design teams
  • Design of structures using reinforced and prestressed concrete, structural steel, thin wall steel structures, masonry and timber
  • Knowledge of Australian & International Standards and statutory requirements
  • Experience with structural design software (SpaceGass, Rapt, MathCad. Knowledge of Thinwall,Strand7, Ansys, Abacus)


  • Client management and business development skills
  • Design management skill from concept to handover
  • Detail design and documentation skills
  • Preparation skills for fee submissions and budget reporting
  • Develop new skills consistent with business goals and personal objectives
  • Successfully implement R&D projects through to commercialisation


  • Strong conceptual and problem solving ability
  • Sound decision making
  • Attention to detail
  • Reliable team player
  • Superior interpersonal skills with the ability to relate to people at all levels
  • Clear communication - written and verbal
  • Best practice in quality and presentation 


Area of Responsibility:
Team Engagement

Key Result Areas:

  • Management of workload and resources 
  • Develop, strengthen and mentor team
  • Performance reviews

Area of Responsibility:
Client Satisfaction

Key Result Area:

  • Understanding clients’ needs / requirements
  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Delivering client outcomes
  • Commercial awareness

Area of Responsibility:
Design Outcomes

Key Result Area:

  • Best practice design
  • Leverage knowledge
  • Continuous improvement 
  • Innovative and practical solutions

Area of Responsibility:
Research & Development

Key Result Area:

  • Innovation Programmes
  • Strong relationship between Industry and academia

Area of Responsibility:
Financial Performance

Key Result Area:

  • Project Delivery – In full, On time, In budget
  • Developing new client relationships
  • Solid pipeline of work


Location:               Sydney, Australia
Tenure:                  3.5 years
Role:                      Global Engineering Manager – ANZ,ASIA,CHINA,ME

ACOR Consultants
Location:               Sydney, Australia
Tenure:                  10 years
                             (Incorporating Acor Appleyard)
Role:                      Senior Associate Structural Engineer

Location:               Sydney, Australia
(formally Connell Wagner)
Tenure:                  2 years
Role:                      Project Structural Engineer

Location:               Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
Tenure :                 6 years
Role:                      Project Design Engineer

Location:               Bowral, NSW Australia
Tenure:                  2 years
Role:                      Graduate Structural Engineer

Location:               Ontario, Canada
Tenure:                  12 months (Student Exchange program with University of Waterloo, Canada)
Role:                      Exchange Student Structural Engineer (Industrial Experience)

Location:               Sydney, Australia
Tenure :                 4 years
Role:                      Undergraduate Student Cadet Engineer



  • Finalist at 2015 Hills Building & Design Awards, Categories “Outdoor Living” and “Pool & Spa $50-$100K"
  • 8 Monarch Close Rouse HILL NSW
  • Prestige Residential  - 38 Gurney St Seaforth 
  • Mirvac Projects Residential waterfront development at Cabarita ($150million)
  • 2005 Award winning development consists of luxurios apartments on the foreshore of  Cabarita Cove.
  • The structural design consisted of reinforced concrete framed buildings on deep steel piled foundation.
  • Sydney Olympic Village - Newington Housing development (Mirvac Projects -  2000 dwellings)
  • Googong Township - Community Club House $7 million
  • Stage 1 of $1.6 Billion project, proposed 6000 dwellings and numerous community clubhouses for the new township of Googong near Canberra.
  • 100’s of multi-million dollar luxury private residences (e.g. Wal King, Packer residence)

  • World Tower, Sydney - 83 Storey Residential Tower for Meriton Apartments
  • As a Project Design Engineer responsible for carrying out the structural design and construct documentation for this 83 storey residential building.
  • This prominent Sydney landmark building consists of over 700 apartments, 8 levels of commercial and retail floors, 3 levels of plant rooms and 6 storey of basement car parking.

  • Australand Holdings, Balmain Shores Stage 3 - $45 million
  • Project Engineer for the design and documentation of this large residential development consisting of 6, 8 and 10 storey build.
  • Complete structural design and construct documentation for the developer included large column free spans using prestressed floor plates to take advantage of water views along with high class finishes.

  • Cosmopolitan Developments – Residential development at Holroyd Gardens
  • Complete design and construct documentation with developer and co-ordination of this 7 storey unit development, 105metres long  x 30m wide.

  • Vanadi residential Development, Balmain - $50 million
    Structural design and documentation of  a large residential development with 4 levels of apartments and a basement carparking. The use of prestressed beams and one way slabs and precast elements were adopted
  • Australand Holdings -  High Density residential development at Warriwood - $45 million
  • Large residential development over 150 apartments and 60 houses constructed over 4 levels using reinforced concrete slab and transfer beams and precast systems where appropriate.



  • North Shore Private hospital, Gore Hill NSW ($45 million)
  • North Shore Private hospital multi level carpark
  • Prince of Wales Hospital Re-development, NSW GOVERNMENT:
    • Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick ($30 million)
    • Children's Hospital - Prince of Wales , Randwick ($35 million)
    • Acute Care Services building - Prince of Wales, Randwick ($21 million)
  • Bupa Aged Health Care facilities throughout NSW
  • Mildura Base Hospital



  • Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel (formerly Wales House Re-development) ($150 million)
  • Significant re-development of this Historic landmark building including additional floors, lifting of 1500 tonne existing Cupola 4metres above original position located on perimeter and at top of building.



  • 2009 Building Education Revolution (Acor consultants contract with Lend Lease to design and inspect)
  • School sport facilites and administration buildings around Northern NSW.
  • Recreation Hall at Berry NSW (2009 Winner of World Architecture Festival in Barcelona, 2009 Winner of Concrete Institute of Australia, and 2009 Winner of  Public Architecture and Blacket Award.
  • NSW Sport & Recreation Auditorium at Jindabyne (Winner of 2009 MBA award for best sports facility up to  $5 million).
  • Athletes Village at Jindabyne
  • NSW Sport & Recreation Dining Hall at Berry NSW
  • NSW Sport & Recreation Sports Centre at Jindabyne
  • NSW Sport & Recreation Staff Housing at Jindabyne
  • NSW Sport & Recreation Administration Building at Narrabeen, (Tender design)
  • NSW Sport & Recreation Main Entrance Bridges at Narrabeen, (Tender design)
  • Sydney 2000 Olympic Superdome, Homebush Sydney ($200 million). Structural checking of roof connection design, and concrete superstructure including 2500 space carpark.



  • YCH Supply Chain City – Singapore (US$ 100million)
  • 45m high Fully Automated Storage and Retrieval System – Clad Rack Building
  • ABC Tissues, Yennora Sydney
  • 21m high Fully Automated Storage and Retrieval System
  • ASRS in Phillipines
  • 30m high Automated Storage Systems
  • Reece Plumbing at Pymble NSW  - 3 storey commercial building
  • Commercial office building at Hills St, Gosford for Coastlands Financial Services
  • Liddell Power Station. Structural steel lift tower over 50metres high for access to adjacent coal transfer NSW.
  • Linde Gas Industrial Gases Facility, Yennora NSW
  • Bostic Industrial facility, Melbourne Victoria
  • Capita Centre (9-13 Castlereagh St Sydney) – Civil & Civic (Cadet Site Engineer)
  • Bankstown Square Shopping Centre (Lend Lease – Site Engineer 1989)



  • Boral, Widemere Road Greystanes – Precast concrete bridges, spanning over creek and Sydney Water main water suppy pipelines
  • Pittwater Council / RTA, Wakehurst Parkway, Deep Creek – 50 metre single span pedestrian bridge
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Pedestrian Bridge, Stage 1 - Structural design and documentation of 12m wide, 150m long steel pedestrian bridge over Joilmont rail yards
  • Melbourne MCG Bridges, Stage II - Tender design submission for three pedestrian bridges