GEOTRON - a brand that defines who we are.


GEOTRON engaged the branding and creative services of TPJ to create our brand (including the business name).

Extensive research and a creative design rationale, enabled TPJ to develop and deliver a powerful business name and logo design that is visually pleasing and easily identifiable, memorable and distinguishing from all our competitors.

A design that is contemporary with a futuristic feeling yet incorporating ancient historical engineering elements.

Our brand defines us and represents who we are - it is a brand that we at GEOTRON are proud of and that has been well received in both the Australian and international markets - a brand that has integrity and a brand that people can trust.

Origin of our name

In brief, the name GEOTRON has been derived from the following elements.

’GEO’ as in the Principals surname Geoghegan, a name that has a strong Gaelic Irish origin.

‘GEO’ as derived from the Greeks meaning earth, in particular referencing ground or land - hence an appropriate prefix.

’GEO” as in geometry. Geometry as derived from the ancient Greeks, ‘geo’ meaning earth, and ‘metron’ meaning measurement. Geometry plays pivotal part in engineering as it means in summary the mathematics of earth measurement - a division of mathematics focusing on questions of size, shape, relative position of figures and properties of space.

‘TRON’ in contemporary terms relays a sense of scientific, technical and futuristic meaning.

‘TRON’ as derived e.g. from the Ancient Greeks, a suffix denoting an apparatus.

‘TRON’ as e.g. denoting a subatomic particle.